Book of Secrets

Tuesday Full Moon reading 

10 March 

Wheel of fortune ( left)

A card of destiny, movement, vision, good luck, synchronicity, advancement and positive change, new opportunities A never ending circle of life’s ups and downs. A new life cycle is about to start. Good time for small or major changes. Old blocks are lifting and things are moving forward quickly, if in the past recent events shook your confidence, you will see how they were actually positive for you. Rapid advancement is likely now. Good luck, a twist of fate in one’s favour. Karma working in your favour.What is meant to be is meant to be, where your life is at the moment, people , events, positives and negatives , is meant to be . Don't try to control , just letting things unfold and manifest, in their own way, just as they are.The Wheel of Fortune is about life cycles, in constant change. If you’re going through a difficult time , the wheel is turning, that cycle is ending, things will get better from here. Good luck and good fortune will make their return in time. This cycle up and down, shows why it is so important to appreciate the happy moments in your life and make the most of them , because in a flash they could be gone, what comes up always goes down. The same energies that are controlling the changing of the seasons, or the rising and setting of the sun are also the ruler of luck and the fate of people.The Wheel of Fortune would show a turning point in your life, turning point in a more positive direction. Opportunities that you never imagined suddenly are available to you, and turning your life around. A turning that may take place outside your control, external circumstances influencing and interfering with your life now. Don't try to control this, you can not, it is not possible to change it. Accept what is happening and adapt. Go with the flow! The more you don't try to change things, allowing them to happen, the better the outcome will be . Keep in mind that no matter what the outcome is, it may not last for very long, the wheel always turns.

Nine of wands (middle)

You might find yourself in the middle of a challenge. Or a challenge that coming just before a final accomplishment of a task or goal. Experiencing delays and blocks. Stay hopeful. The upcoming challenges are the last bit of darkness before the break of dawn. The feeling of coming to the end of one’s fighting powers but having still the determination in reserve. Having the stamina and the wisdom to bring the situation to an acceptable conclusion. The Nine of Wands comes as a sign that even in the face of adversity, you stand tall and strong. You may be on the edge of exhaustion, but you are resilient, persistent, and ready to do what it takes to get to the finish line. Keep going, focus on the positives and the progress, even if you are experiencing set backs or challenges, overcoming obstacles you are getting stronger and you will get through. Don't let go of hopes , you are close to achieving them. Putting in the effort before you can turn your back on this situation.Little setbacks that weigh heavily on you, one thing happening after another. What you want to achieve will take time, possibly longer than you have anticipated. And you will feel like everything is standing in the way of what you want, and nothing will go right for you.The Nine of Wands in your reading can indicate arguments and stalemates with friends, family, and lovers, possibly a major fall out. You do not know where you stand with the people you have had a conflict with and you are unsure how to proceed.

Ace of cups( right)

Abundance in feelings. The start is something happy and loving. The start of a romantic adventure, or taking an existing relationship to a new stage. Opening up for happiness. Close relationships, the family, lovers, fears, memories, nostalgia. Emotional fulfilment. Embracing the abundance of love. Love affairs, perhaps a marriage or proposals. A wonderful new person is coming into your life, this could be a romantic relationship, or rekindled romance within your actual relationship. Positive emotions , joy, pleasure happiness are likely. You mat find yourself falling in love. It might be about true friendship, or your soul mate, it might also indicate a new home in order that you will move in with someone.The Ace of Cups in your readings is about new beginnings, after a period of being lonely, time to let go of emotional baggage, opening yourself up to the possibilities of new relationships, romantic or otherwise ,a change or a fresh start. There is a chance now to put your past behind you. This is the card for new love and emotional fulfillment, compassion, joy, and creativity, when you feel your heart overflowing with love .The Ace of Cups can be also about forgiveness, releasing the past and moving on towards more loving connections.The Ace of cups in your reading is a sign of a good time to start a new project, or any activity that would allow your artistic emotions to manifest, in situations where you feel comfortable with who you are and you allow this creative potential and imagination flow : an art class, a dance class, write a book, a poem etc. 

Love and Light 

Carmen & Mike 

Card of the Day 3 March

Go with the Flow

The path to your goal is never a straight easy path, but filled with detours unexpected bends blocks causing anger and frustration, Impatience. These feeling do not help you on your journey.

Try to accept that this chaos is all part of the experience of your journey. stop fighting thing.

Find the rhythm of your journey the flow in the chaos and ride it gently all the way to your destination.

When you meditate today use the affirmation 'I have desires and goals and the flexibility that will allow me to enjoy this journey, what ever this journey may bring my way, as i move on this path.'

art work courtesy ChristinaScagliotti, click the picture to see more of her beautiful art

An open heart can brighten your life , increase your vitality and emotional balance and the ability to meet life's challenges with patience and love . When your heart is open, you are in touch with your needs and your desires, you communicate better, and you are more compassionate , loving patient and understanding.

The heart becomes blocked when energy that gets stuck/ blocked in your mind. Your negative thoughts or a negative mind set , worries, anxiety are energetic blocks depleting and draining you.

With this guided meditation you can begin to heal your heart space releasing these blockages and nurture the health of the body and the mind.