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If you’d like to gain clarity in your life, help you identify which aspects of your life are in need of love and nurturing while giving you a nudge in the right direction, help you overcome your struggles and achieve a sense of calm or to decide which path is for you. Although it can not predict your future or tell you which road to take, it can give you new insight into your life and inspire you to make a promising decision.

A TAROT READING could be just the thing you need. It will help you to connect with your intuition and encourage you to make positive decisions in the future.


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Past Life Regression is a really empowering and transformational session during which you will explore one or more of your past lives, you will receive answers to the questions you have from your angles, spirit guides, higher self, reconnect with past lives experiences. The session will help you to understand why you feel a deep connection with certain people or places, explore and understand unresolved emotions carried through in to this lifetime creating fears and beliefs which you have beed unable to explain.

The Zoom session are popular, two options to choose , from 1h-3h.

£20 for 1 Hour Session 

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Tarot /Oracle card readings can bring excitement, fun and a unique element to any party , from small gatherings

 ( birthdays, bridal showers, holiday gatherings , graduation parties) to large corporations events.

A minimum of 2 hours will be required, the 2 hours will typically cover 6-12 guests.

The Host can cover the cost of the readings for their guests ( in which case they would receive a FREE READING) or the guests can pay for their own readings. 

£ Tailored to your needs 

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An Angel Healing Session can provide a feeling of increased well-being and balance, reduce stress, anxiety and feelings of unease by bringing a sense of release, calm and peace, remove energetic blockages . A session may take the form of a hands-on /or even remote treatment to facilitate the channelling of energy, which may also include chakra balancing and cleansing ,aura cleansing to enhance the healing . It can involve Angel Card readings, meditation, the use of crystals or sound energy, the use of tuning forks which deliver particular frequencies to connect with your higher self.

for only £15 

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When you require a Crystal Reading you will receive a photo, with crystals pick your crystals from the photo, think of the issues/ questions you are seeking guidance.

You will receive a picture with the crystals and your full reading in pdf format via email within 24 hours of your payment being received, or we can chat and go over your reading via chat.

Readings can be enhanced with the use of Pendulum , Tarot or Oracle cards.

Disclaimer: readings are for entertainment purposes only. They are not substitute for medical, legal or financial advice. Your future is not set in stone.

 for only £15

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Tap into the secrets of Tarot and become a Professional Tarot Reader and START EARNING MONEY.

You can study in the comfort of your home Now Available From Amazon

Available On UDEMY: 90 Lectures 2& 1/2 hours plus practical exercises, inclusive of the Home study manual and Certificate.

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 or book your 1 -2- 1 Zoom Session  to become a Certified Tarot Card Reader 

IPHM Accredited  Course 

for  only £75 

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I created this course to share with you my knowledge on the Dragon Energy and the Five Divine Energies of Life, also known as the Five Dragons!

This a journey beyond time and space, travelling to the mythical times when the Dragon Energy conquered the Worlds. Combined with Eastern Philosophy and Energy Healing, you will discover the Five Divine Energies of Life ,you will learn how to use the Dragon Energy for healing and channeling.The final step will be your attunement to the Dragon Energy.


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An intensely relaxing Energy Healing form, that permeate the body to aid relaxation, assist in the body's natural healing processes, and develop emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, to help the flow of energy and remove blocks in a similar way to acupuncture / acupressure. Improving the flow of energy around the body, reiki Healing can enable relaxation, reduce pain, speed healing, and reduce other symptoms of illness.

Hands on healing  sessions or remote healing sessions all for only £15 

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Clarify your motivations , discover your hidden talents, learn how to control uneasy behaviours , get reassurance about Your role in Life with a Personal Full Numerology Chart that reveals Your Personality, the external YOU , Your motivation, Your secret self and hidden desires, innate talents, the essential you, your karmic lessons.

Received by email, or a one to one pre booked Zoom session for 

only £15 

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