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Book of Secrets


Tarot /Oracle Card Readings ( in person/email/video chat/audio recordings/phone)

Psychic Readings (in person/video chat/audio recordings/phone)

Psychic Events tailored to your needs ( tarot/healings/psychic readings)

Chakra/Aura Cleansing and Balancing & Removal of Energy Blocks

 Reiki (hands on  or remotely) & Animal Reiki

Crystal Healings ( in person only)

Angelic Healing ( in person/video chat)

Crystal Readings ( email/video chat/audio recording/phone)

Intuitive Energy Healings ( in person/remotely/video chat)

Numerology Personalised Chart ( via email/video chat)

Past Life Regression ( in person/ video chat)

Workshops and Mentorship ( Tarot, Energy Healings- in person/video chat)

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